The list (and how to add to it)

The songs that I select from are on a playlist:

This is how I ensure complete randomness in the song selection

1: If I come across a song that I can’t find a reason to refuse to add, I add to the playlist (reasons for refusal is written further down this page)

2: When selecting a song I first enter the list, randomise it, hop a song down, randomise again and hop down another song. It could now be any song. And no matter which song it is or if it fits conveniently in the story line, I use it.

How you can add songs

If you wish to add a song to the playlist, you simply write it in any comment section or send an email to The genre doesn’t matter. In fact the bigger the variety the better.

I will very rarely refuse to add your song to the list. If in doubt, try to suggest it. If I do refuse to add it, it’s for one or more of following reasons:

Reason 1: I cannot possibly divorce it from its original context

Most parodies fall under this. This one for instance: For it to work, I have to first invent the entire plot of Doctor Who in my plot, or make it a parody within the plot of this story, and that’s too difficult and too easy respectively. Most musical songs fall under this too for the exact same reason.

Reason 2: I would rather dig out my brain with a rusty spoon than listen to it more than once

During the process of writing a chapter, I listen to a song 10-20 times. I don’t have to like the song, but I do have to not hate it. I evaluate this based on the individual song and I can refuse using a song on this basis at any point in the process. And it obviously doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you liking the song – I just don’t.

Reason 3: It’s a cover or remix of an existing song/creative work

Covers and remixes would offer you the opportunity to add the same song more than once. That would be annoyingly repetitive. And besides that, most covers fall under reason 2. I added ‘creative work’, because I once spent ages trying to make a story out of this remix: I failed.