57: ‘Up & Up’ by Coldplay

Steven earns his wealth from owning orange farms.
He worked towards this dream for years working meal to meal.
Natasha supported¬† and helped him – most of the time. There was in fact a period in which they were broken up – and it actually broke Steven’s heart. They got back together and healed. They lived trough hardship, seeing each sunrise as a gift.

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56: ‘Misery Business’ by Paramore

Nicki can’t make the group kick Gaga out, so she still have to see her.

Their animosity grows. When Nicki becomes interested in a guy, Gaga steals him, before she can do anything about. Nicki is her own vindictive self and plans to steal him back, now with added motivation. Yes, Gaga has a body like an hourglass, but the relationship is doomed to fail some day.

Gaga and The Guy date for eight months, before Gaga lets him out of sight long enough for Nicki to charm him by telling him, he was the only for her.

Now she gleefully shows him off and tells Gaga how happy they are and how their wildest dreams are coming true without her.

She has the added satisfaction of knowing, Gaga wishes she had The Guy. More so, because Nicki despises girls like Gaga, who get whatever they want by acting all sweet.

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55:’wherever I go’ by One Republic

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Brad has decided to go look for Pink, his wife, again, because he can’t move on from her to someone else. Wherever he goes, an image of her, The Young Pink, follows.


Their love isn’t easy and it drives them both mad, but it’s worth it, because of how she makes him feel.

He will work hard to get her back and not like so many others pray for an easy love to fall into their lap.

He’ll tell her all this, when he finds her.

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