79: ‘What If’ by Kate Winslet

Declaring that you’re going to change, and actually changing are very different beasts. Sara is getting stronger, but some days are better than others. Today is a bad day,

She is rummaging trough some old things when she comes across a photo of her and Will, her best friend from her school days.

The friendship ended, when they became too different. It happened at a time in her life where she realised she had to become more independent. Will responded to this by becoming controlling. He had always been the responsible adult of the two, but never like this. So she ended the friendship. It seemed like a good idea to end it at the time. But now she thinks back and wonders if they could have stayed friends. Maybe she could have told him to back off in a kinder way so that he would have understood. Maybe he would still be her most close and loyal friend, her responsible anchor.

Well, they’ll never know now, will they?

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42: ‘Moves like Jagger’ by Maroon 5

This chapter explores, how it would have happened, if Brad had handled his secret differently.

If he had just told her his secret and showed the mark it had left on his body, instead of breaking up with her, she would have told him that she would still give him her heart, if he wanted it. And she would she would help him safe his life from the fatal consequence.

He would have to go trough the same series of trials, he actually did by himself years later, but this way Pink would be with him and help him, when he shot at stars, fought to get a key and then rode his way to safety.

Had he done that, her career as a dancer would have grown along with their relationship. And Brad could have seen her grow into a star and told her, how big her ego had gotten.

The relationship would have been strong. She wouldn’t feel the need to control him, because she would know everything and trust him completely.

The challenges would still have left him broken and scarred and feeling all wrong, but one look in Pink’s eyes and everything would be all right. Their relationship could have endured and stayed passionate.

In the end, they would win together, Brad handing the finishing blow.

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