94: ‘Two Black Cadillacs’ by Carrie Underwood

It had been a long time since Sara kicked out her married lover.

One day she gets a call from his wife, Evanescence. The wife who apparently doesn’t know that he had cheated on her, which he had led Sara to believe.

Evanescence is shocked to find out. She herself has been flirting with someone else and hidden that, but couldn’t bear the thought of him having an actual, real affair. Sara assures her, that he need not know anything about her flirting. Not yet, anyhow. She should wait for the exact right time to tell him.

Two months later they finally meet each other at the husband’s funeral. both the preacher and his brother have good things to say about him, but the two women don’t even cry. They do all things you’re supposed to do: put a rose down and throw a handful of dirt in the grave, but all with dry eyes. But Evanescence also throws down a letter telling him everything. She has not said anything to him while he was alive.

Sara sees her do it. They smile knowingly and both walk away.


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