98: ‘Tin Man’ by Miranda Lambert

Fergie went to Evanescence, her ex, without defences and surfaces. She did this to show that she could be real with her now, that she truly loved her. Unfortunately, it was too late. Evanescence had felt lied to and Fergie couldn’t say anything to change that.

Fergie already feels vulnerable when she has her defences up. So a rejection given to her while she’s completely open breaks her heart into pieces. It hurts so badly that she wishes she didn’t have a heart at all. She thinks about the story of the tin man who searched for a heart his whole life but never found one. She compares it to the way she faked her way through life. And she thinks that if he had known how much a broken heart feels he would never want one.

And if he wants one so badly, he can have the pieces of hers. She’d gladly take his armour in return.

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