84: ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift

For Will, it was a one night stand. He doesn’t even know her name.

Her name is Taylor and she does not agree with his assessment of the situation. She finds him again and wants to continue the relationship.

Will actually doesn’t mind that. Taylor seems absolutely magical and he likes spending time with her. She seems to read him perfectly.

Now knowing her name, he does hear some stuff about exes calling her insane, which she admits. Her relationships tend to either be forever or go down in flames. It’s up to Will to figure out if she is worth it – and that he thinks. She is the perfect girl.

Well, she seems perfect. What he doesn’t know, is that this perfection is a calculated move on her part. After a month, the bliss is gone. Suddenly his perfect girl is crying and screaming. She is jealous and constantly checking up on him and every girl he talks with.

He gets enough of this and leaves – but then she is sweet again and he comes back to her, only for the whole thing to repeat again and again.

Taylor knew it was going to become that. That is how she knows, it’s real love. And hey, she did warn him.

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11: ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ by Taylor Swift

The first time Pink and Steven broke up was when Steven said he needed space. Pink couldn’t understand it all because they hadn’t seen each other for a month at the time.

But he came back with big promises: ”Baby, I miss you and I swear, I’m gonna change. Trust me.”. That lasted for a day before they broke up again, Pink screaming ”I hate you”.

Steven later called her and she loved him again.

After the latest break-up, Pink swore, they would never ever ever get back together. She got to tell him that when he called her again while he was miserable after the break-up.

Their relationship was stormful. They were always fighting. But she loved him and believed, that they would be together forever.

Link to video with lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcMn_Eu-XTE

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