2018, chapter 18: ‘Sick Boy’ by The Chainsmokers (nr. 130)

Alan is a young man now. His family life is complicated and rather dysfunctional. His parents, both proud people who don’t give up, are always fighting, but never leave each other. Alan gives himself credit for that. He has kept them together by being overly compassionate towards them.

This is not normal nor healthy. This is realised by everyone around him. They tell him to get away from all that.  They lie and tell him, that he’s not actually helping them. A fairytale to get him to give up. But he knows what he’s in the middle of. He chooses to live in this prison, and just because they don’t have the guts to do that, doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t. And they overreact to even the smallest fight. They should see how bad it gets at home…

It’s not like they care anyway. They just like to watch how his family interacts and call him “the sick boy” behind his back. Suit themselves.


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