70: ‘A Song About an Anglerfish’ by Hank Green

Some people aren’t burdened with worry. One of these is Hank, who has found his peace from observing the life of a anglerfish.

He is bald and horribly lonely. His life has been a strife. He has been burned and spurned. He had misfortune in the world of love.

But then he found out about the angler fish.

It lives in the deep of the ocean and lives exclusively of fish. Like him, it is bald and friendless. It procreates by the male biting onto and melting into her skin, so the male is literally always by the female’s side until both die.

But since this is the only life they know, they have to be happy, because what else could they be?

This has kept him content for years. Because if he is in pain all the time, can he really call it pain? You simply don’t feel what is always there.

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