2018, chapter 12: ‘Honest’ by The Chainsmokers (nr. 124)

A young girl is driving down the road at 5am. She goes by the name ‘Chainsmoker’. She’s supposed to call her parents, but she doesn’t know to say. She’s not over the fact that they thought that she should have thought of them instead of herself. Instead, she’s listening to the radio in order to distract herself from the thought of it. As long as she is sober, this works.

She has offered another girl a lift home. This girl is a stranger. Because of that, she doesn’t love Chainsmoker. Not like her parents do. And even if the girl wanted to get to know Chainsmoker, it wouldn’t be possible. She keeps a detached air about her and her feelings to herself. She doesn’t need nobody else. So she listens to the radio to discourage talking.

6am, she’s still on the road. She left her parents at least three weeks ago and is by now far away from them. They had a disagreement and they had told her to be honest. She was, and it apparently didn’t sit well with them. So now she’s on the road, despite the fact that she doesn’t really like the road. At least she has the radio.


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