55:’wherever I go’ by One Republic

(Let me start of by apologizing for the (possibly) weird format. I’m writing this on my phone. I’ll fix it, once I get my computer back)

Brad has decided to go look for Pink, his wife, again, because he can’t move on from her to someone else. Wherever he goes, an image of her, The Young Pink, follows.


Their love isn’t easy and it drives them both mad, but it’s worth it, because of how she makes him feel.

He will work hard to get her back and not like so many others pray for an easy love to fall into their lap.

He’ll tell her all this, when he finds her.

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54: ‘I Need A Doctor’ by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem and Skylar Grey

This song is explicit and a clean version 1) is not on Dr. Dre’s VEVO 2) would have a lot of bleeps. Therefore my text is also explicit. Most won’t find it too bad, but it might be unfit for a child or people who would rather avoid that kind of language.

Here’s the video, so you can see what I mean. My text is cleaner than that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA770wpLX-Q


Pink is sick and needs help, so she calls out for help by two men walking by.

These men are Dre and Slim. They are musicians. Dre is Slim’s mentor. They are fighting about Dre’s self-doubt in regard to his music and don’t hear Pink.

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