2018, chapter 36: ‘Walk On Water’ by Eminem feat. Beyonce (nr. 148)

Civil war has broken out. On one side is Chainsmoker and Little Mix and their heathens. They champion freedom from attachment and society.

On the other side, of the orderly society, we find Eminem. He is a master of words. He inspires his army trough song. He does so well for years and garners legacy, love and respect. He puts up an exhaustive persona that people look up to – and that he now has trouble living up to. He has set the standard too high for him to keep up. It feels like he hits the mark but when he listens to it after it is shown to the public, he picks it apart. It now sounds like garbage. The rhyme has to be perfect and the delivery flawless. But it can’t always be. And he is terrified to let down people. And people are starting to criticise his songs.

Chainsmoker and Little Mix have noticed this and now make mocking him a part of their strategy. And they succeed in stripping him of his confidence.

So he answers by speaking openly to his supporters. He’s only human just like the rest of them. He can only walk on water when it freezes. He can be juvenile, goof and jest. He is not God-sent like Nas, Rakim, Pac, B.I.G., James Todd Smith or Prince. He makes mistake and feels unworthy of their belief in him. But he’s doing his best to meet their expectations. So he doesn’t care about his opponents’ scorn. The only person who’s scorn would matter, is Deshaun. And even them burning down his Dresden home does nothing to affect him. And no matter how they depict him as a failure, that his popularity is fading, he won’t give up without a fight. He needs this to stay sane. He’ll decide when it’s his final bow. And when he does fall, he will neither cry nor pout.

And he finishes off by saying, that while he is only a man, he is godlike. He, Chainsmoker and Little Mix are not alike. He inspires better than they do. He wrote “Stan”!

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