91: ‘Everybody’s Fool’ by Evanescence

Unbeknown to her, Fergie has actually had progress with convincing her lover, Evanescence, to leave her husband. She has actually begun to love her. She loves her because she is so direct, so real and honest. Their relationship was real, unlike the lie her marriage had become.

She goes to tell Fergie at one of her concerts. And she sees how Fergie here pretends to be a pretty, perfect pop star. She sees Evanescence but ignores her.

This hurts Evanescence. She follows her back stage and yells angrily at her. She mocks the adoration her pretence gives her. Fergie has everybody fooled, but not Evanescence. Not anymore. She now knows how insecure she is. Fergie has lost herself in her own lie of strength. And knowing who Fergie really is, Evanescence longer loves her.Evanescence finishes her long speech by telling Fergie that by fooling everyone else, she herself becomes the fool.


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