68: ‘Say Say Say’ by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

Dre, a worshipper of Mother Mary, The Creator Of It All, needs her to inspire him to move on with his life after loss and help him with his music. Dre has lost his son, more recently lost a woman, whom he loved, and in general, doesn’t know what to do with his life and creative work.

But unlike so many times before, Mother Mary does not appear before him. In desperation, he starts praying, not a normal practice in the belief in her, and continues doing so every day for years for years, but at no points does she appear, no matter how much he cries. Slim, his close friend, supports him in this. He starts to lose faith in her. They love her dearly but begins to feel that she is playing with them. Maybe she has become disappointed in them and that is why she is ignoring them.

They beg her to appear. They don’t care what she says at this point, as long as she shows that she hears them. They will even give her sacrifices, if it means, she won’t have left them.

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