2018, chapter 4: ‘I Don’t Have A Favorite Pony’ by Hank Green (nr. 116)

This takes place before Perry met Taylor.

He was 31 years old. A cartoon about ponies, named Equestria, was everywhere on the internet and had been for six months. It was a show for little girls, but everyone seems to be obsessed with it and asking him, who his favourite pony was.

Now, Perry had his self-respect. He wasn’t going to watch it. So obviously, he didn’t have an answer.

But then one night, he figured that since his insomnia wouldn’t let him sleep anyway, so he might as well try watching it.

He still didn’t have an answer though… Because he couldn’t choose.

Dash the Pegasus had rainbow hair and the cutest cutie mark. Apple Jack was the strongest mare and was always working so hard. Flutter Shy had a Marilyn vibe. When it came to the beauty prize, Rarity had already won. Pinky Pies excitement could fuel a jet plane. But Twilight was the nerdiest, and that went a long way.

Also, he was still embarrassed by the fact that he had now seen it and liked it – and continued to watch it during the next day.

He started wondering. His goal was to make this a better planet. He did not take this lightly, and if he worked hard on it all day, maybe he could. But instead, he continued watching and trying to decide which of the six fictional ponies he liked best.

But the problems were so much simpler in Equestria and those in the real world had complicated solutions. Watching the show was easier to deal with.

He continued watching all day. By the end of the day, he had watched all of the episodes. He only arrived at one answer: he preferred Spike, who wasn’t even a pony.


And yes, ‘favorite’ is written in American English in the title and in British English in the text, but in my hybrid English, I have a preference for British, so that’s what I’m going with, whenever I have the choice.

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