49: ‘Pills N Potions’ by Nicki Minaj

Gaga’s group of rich friends aren’t the loyal sort. So when Nicki, their newest member, steals a guy, who was actually interested in Gaga, they rush to tell her.

Gaga doesn’t take it badly. When they’re out one night getting way too high on pills and potions, she tells Nicki, that she knows. She tells her, that she is angry and can’t stand it, but still loves her. The other friends tried to make Gaga hate Nicki, but they never could. No matter how tasteless and ungrateful Nicki behaves, Gaga will be classy and graceful.

Gaga tells her the dirty secret of the group of friends; they’re together, because they all benefit from it, and not from any deep connection. She, in fact, calls the other ‘friends’ self-righteous, entitled and fake. But she doesn’t want them out of her life for that, she just tries to be better than them and more honest about their relationship. Nicki still is beneficial to Gaga, so Gaga will forgive, but not forget, and let the issue be dead for now. And Gaga still benefits from the group of friends, so she shouldn’t leave it either.

Gaga benefits from the envy she reads in people’s eyes when the group is out together. That’s the only reason, she takes drugs in the first place. She doesn’t enjoy it, but it’s a part of being in the group.

One day when the group has disbanded and they each go out into the world on their own. They will be jealous at the successful ones, one of which surely will be Nicki, with her already successful business. And then it’ll be difficult for the fake friends to talk bad behind their back. They’ll feel bad for wishing them bad, which they do now.

And that day, when they no longer talk, Gaga will think back on these days as fond memories.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7ld-3nZUxA

Link to lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/nickiminaj/pillsnpotions.html

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