111: ‘Only Prettier’ by Miranda Lambert

Last time Sara met her siblings went less than well.

That is a long time ago now. And one late night, she sees them out with their friends. Sara is sitting and talking with King. They notice her and push away their high life friends, so they don’t see her, before walking up to her.

Sara has missed them and has softened significantly since last time. Still, she can’t herself from mocking them by thanking for saving her from talking to their friends with their southern charm. She comments on how they are still so well-behaved, just like their parents wanted.

She, however, offers up a handshake and a truce. She doesn’t want a fight. They can just agree to disagree and make amends, even though they don’t like each other. They’re after all not that different – Sara is just prettier (same can be said for her friends compared to theirs).

She offers them a drink, but they say no because they’re trying to lose weight. And true, they both weigh 100 pounds and stand 5 foot 3.

So she just says “bless your heart” and buys another drink for herself.


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