39: ‘What You’re Made Of’ by Lucie Silvas

Pink and Grey Eyes have been together for years now – and Grey Eyes is no longer happy with it being a secret. She wants more. And she has met a man, who might be able to give her that, even if Pink is the one for her.

Pink doesn’t take that well. She takes it to mean, that Grey Eyes isn’t in love with her.

She knew, this would happen. At some point, they would hit the point of no return and Grey Eyes would no longer be able to live with not being an official part of Pink’s life. They can’t go on like this and it won’t be too difficult to detach their lives because they don’t share anything but emotion.

Grey Eyes disagrees. She insists, she is in love and that this was not inevitable and they can go on – Pink just needs to give her more than the occasional secret date with no actual attachment being made. She wants them to share things, a life, anything.

Pink argues, that it makes no difference, who is right or wrong. She deserves that Grey Eyes commits to keeping the secret, being more careful and not risking Pink getting revealed. This is the only thing, she wants, and if Grey Eyes can’t give her that, she’s not what Pink is looking for.

However much Grey Eyes is willing to give more in the ways of becoming an official couple instead of a secret one, she can’t . And since there’s no way, Grey Eyes will change, they have to break up. Grey Eyes isn’t in love – and that’s alright.

Grey Eyes continues to insist, that she is in love, but it means nothing to Pink. She instead expresses her doubt, that Grey Eyes ever put her heart into anything, because it really can’t be too much to ask for, that Grey Eyes puts as much into this as Pink has!

But Pink doesn’t really blame her for anything. She chose the waters, she’s in. She will either sink into despair or be alright after the breakup, but she chose it herself.

She says following to Grey Eyes for her to consider: ”What’s your definition of the one? What do you really want him to become? No matter what I sacrifice it’s still never enough.”

So they break up. When Grey Eyes leaves, Pink knows in her heart, that she will fall into despair, but hopefully be alright later.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnuInke7TZA

Link to lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/luciesilvas/whatyouremadeof.html

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