2018, chapter 21: ‘ Ain’t Your Mama’ by Jennifer Lopez (nr. 133)

Will and Taylor have a rocky relationship history. They’re currently together and not particularly happy.

Will is always at the computer. He has become too comfortable. Taylor does all the housework. This is getting on her nerves. One day, he accidentally calls her “mama” – and that is the tipping point. And if he won’t help out on his own, she can force him to with magic

… But she doesn’t want to. She has seen how wrong that can go. All she can really do is tell him. So she tells him that things have to change. That he has to get to work on time, stop playing video games, and help out with the cooking and the laundry. She is not his mama and does not want to be treated like she is. She’s too good for that, and he is damn lucky to have her. She tells him that she misses when they were crazy in love with each other and wishes they could go back to that.


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38: ‘Back to the 80’s’ by Aqua

It was in the 80’s Natasha worked at Service and Devotion and first began dating Steven. This is now years ago and the two are sitting together watching the 80’s with technology, that makes it seem as if they are in fact back there when she helped Service and Devotion put satellites in space, before Harmony surpasses her and their then-boss, Ronald Reagan.

They see the trends of the 80’s again: Don Johnson from Miami Vice and his style, commodore 64, Soap,  Rocky, Cherry coke, Mr. T, Twisted Sisters on MTV, Iron Maiden, 7UP, Bananarama, Breakfast Club, David Hasselhoff, too many man with heavy make-up on, too many poodles with guitars and Ferris Bueller.

They agree, that those were the days. M&M was just a snack back then. Huey Lewis was the news. The two of them went flying with Tom Cruise.

Natasha sees the things, she loved in particular: Cosby, Rubik’s Cube, Dynasty, Moon Boots, Devo, Barber Curls, Poltergeist and Barbie Girls, all still standing tall, with a big smile on her face.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUbxFeqRZwI

Link to lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/aqua/backtothe80s.html

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Also: this is the second song that might suggest this race/species/whatever, these people are, can fly. I can’t wait until/if the narrative lets me explore that.