32: ‘Just Like Fire’ by P!nk

Pink has always had a fire burning in her. She was an ambitious young woman. She wanted it all. She worked hard to become the leader of the Movers and Maids, her dance crew.

As she watches her old home burn down with her dog lying  next to her, she thinks back on the day, she got the position.

She won it in an audition, where many others took part to. Previously they had not had a leader, but now they felt the need for it. But she won the spot, partly because she had already been unofficial leader many times, partly because of the dance, she danced at the audition. She danced like madness and magic,  a colourful charade, with many high kicks to prove her skills as a dancer. She had a lot to prove because the team didn’t think she could lead them properly. They called it impossible. They laughed at her. But she proved them wrong with ease.

Like that day was the beginning of something new, so is this fire. She’s going to disappear before They come back (and she’s kind of have to leave soon actually). She will run her own life instead of having others telling her, what she can and cannot do. No one is going to laugh at her and put out her fire. If she can light up the world up for just one day, like she did at her audition, she’ll be free.

As she’s sitting there she wonders, what’s she’s going to do now. But she assures her dog, that as long, as the two of them are together, trough bad and good weather,they don’t have to worry about a thing.

Link to lyric-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkyDce0AQ6s

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