110: ‘Slut Like You’ by P!nk

Fergie has two separate lives.

In one, she’s a pretty pop star. This is how she makes a living. Her image here is a facade.

In another, she goes partying. This is her break. Here she can be crazy and completely herself.

She has managed to keep these lives separate since her partying would hurt her pop star image. Until one night.

She is at this point very drunk. She meets a guy, who recognises her as a pop star. He, however, seems to be looking for the same thing she is; a one-night-stand. She is so relieved she tells him the whole truth.

She goes out, now primarily with other girls also looking for men to take home. They don’t really care all that much about them. But she doesn’t go home with just anyone. And she makes it clear to the guy (what was his name again? Jack? Sam?) that she’s the one in control. She’s not the fool being convinced by him, he is. She’s even the one buying him shots.

He doesn’t seem convinced though and starts to leave. She tries to convince him to stay by calling him a caveman.

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