2018, chapter 11: ‘I’m Yours’ by Alessia Cara (nr. 123)

Taylor has made her ex her slave through magic. She did this because he had tricked her into being docile by being jealous and buying her love. He had controlled her, and when that no longer worked, he had kicked her out and kept her away from their child.

Now she has their child back. And she controls him completely.

Problem is that her enslavement involves him being completely and utterly in love with her and constantly trying to charm her. And damn is that man charming. She falls right back in love with him. She chooses to remove her control over him. And shockingly, he still wants her back. He still calls her beautiful.

And it pisses her off that he has still this effect on her. Melting her heart of iron and tearing down her walls of rudeness. She was so used to boys using her in the past and reacted to that by manipulating them. But Will was always real with her. When they first met, she felt lonely. He made her happy. So happy, she spent their time apart daydreaming about their life together.

So she’ll give him a chance. But he has to handle her with caution. Few have made her feel this way or pushed her as far as he has. The thought of falling for him again scares her, but if he promises to catch her, it okay. If he does that, she’s his. It still pisses her off, though.


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