101: ‘Temporary Home’ by Carrie Underwood

Home. A word that usually brings feelings of belonging. Not always though. Here are six stories about temporary homes:

Story 1
Will often had conflicts with his mother. When he was six, it got so bad, he was temporarily taken away from her. He had to grow up quickly as he was passed from house to house, family to family, school to school. He eventually learned to see that these places were just temporary homes. He didn’t belong there and would soon move on.

Story 2
Sara’s parents had big expectations to their children. This was partly due to their mother once not having a job and had nowhere to go. She was alone with Sara’s big sister, who was just a baby at the time. She wished for a time where she and her baby can find a place in this world, instead of more temporary homes. This shaped her outlook on life.

Story 3
A very old man lies dying in his bed. He’s surrounded by all his loved ones, amongst which an equally very old woman. He tells them not to cry for him. He’ll see them all someday after all. He looks up and says: “I can see Gods face”. This life was his temporary home. And now he’s going to his real home.


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