86: ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ by P!nk

Fergie  enjoyed going to bars way before Will seduced her into his way of partying because it was a break from her mess of a life. Never the best at anything, a teacher’s pet only in the way that she dated them, and her parents wasted no time telling her how she was wasting hers by doing everything wrong.

She let it get to her. She couldn’t stand herself and wasted even more time insulting herself in the mirror.

She did enjoy singing, so she decided to find happiness in that. But She was soon told to change everything about herself to become a pop star. So she did, but it wasn’t enough. She was just compared to other, better pop stars – and that based on being all pretty, which she didn’t want to be.

So there she was, hating her dream job. She needed a break, so she started going out to bars on her own. Here she might not be herself, but she could pretend to be more successful and have complete control of the situation.

But then Will came along. Going out with him was different. She was completely out of control, but very much herself – and loving it.

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29: ‘Funhouse’ by P!nk

After having rekindled the flame in their marriage, Pink and Brad’s house and life became a fun house. They loved each other and were happy with their life, their home and lake. They even had a dog.

Pink didn’t find out about Brad’s secret, and what he had done to keep it before they had been married for a long while and not before it was too late. Not before They were in the house, dressed as clowns in order to be disguised.

They came at different times, while Brad wasn’t there, slowly torturing Pink with information about what Brad had done, echoing voices laughing from behind locked doors.

Their campaign began working. Slowly, like a tickle turns into a rash, Pink began hating Brad. She felt haunted by the evil clowns. One day it became too much. She was all alone. She danced around, watching the photos depicting the lie, she had been living, suddenly noticing a taunting smirk on Brad’s face. This home was already a museum full of ash, so she decided to burn it down. She would rather live out on the street than continue living in this haunted memory of their happy life. She moved out her stuff with the help of her dance crew (known as Movers and Maids) and broke everything else: tore down the photos, mangled the key, tore down the drapes and broke the plates. She counted down and laughed as she dropped the match: ”9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, fun”.

She would find a new place to live, while Brad would think she died in the flames.

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Link to lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/pink/funhouse.html

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