2018, chapter 31: ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars (nr. 143)

People become heathens for different reasons. Bruno became one after having been abused by his girlfriend.

He loved her more than anything. He would catch a grenade for her, throw his hand on a blade for her, jump in front of a train for her, take a bullet for her. And he just wants her to love him just as much.

She doesn’t. She does say, that she loves him, but she’s lying. She wouldn’t do the same for him. In fact, she beats him and damages his car. She takes all she can because she knows that she can easily lose it.

He should have known. He remembers, how she had her eyes open for their first kiss.

But he still loves her and would still go through all that pain, even die for her, even though he knows she won’t do the same for him.


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