56: ‘Misery Business’ by Paramore

Nicki can’t make the group kick Gaga out, so she still have to see her.

Their animosity grows. When Nicki becomes interested in a guy, Gaga steals him, before she can do anything about. Nicki is her own vindictive self and plans to steal him back, now with added motivation. Yes, Gaga has a body like an hourglass, but the relationship is doomed to fail some day.

Gaga and The Guy date for eight months, before Gaga lets him out of sight long enough for Nicki to charm him by telling him, he was the only for her.

Now she gleefully shows him off and tells Gaga how happy they are and how their wildest dreams are coming true without her.

She has the added satisfaction of knowing, Gaga wishes she had The Guy. More so, because Nicki despises girls like Gaga, who get whatever they want by acting all sweet.

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53: ‘Last To Know’ by P!nk

Nicki has a fashion show for her sneakers brand, Giuseppe Zanotti. Gaga doesn’t show up, which angers Nicki. She could have called her up and said good luck, but instead Nicki had to be told from someone else at the last moment, she wouldn’t show at all. By then she had already called Gaga and received no response.

They went out on a date together. They ate sushi. Nicki made gaga laugh many times. Gaga called her a cutie.

Nicki’s anger rises the more she thinks about it.

She left tickets at the door for Gaga. She had to tell her mother, there was no more room for her, so there would be room for Gaga.

At the date, Gaga had directly said, she would go to the show.

After the date, Nicki didn’t want to go home with Gaga. She wouldn’t sleep with her.

Nicki figures that if she had been a hoe and slept with Gaga, Gaga would have shown up. But that’s not how Nicki rolls. Not after an actual date.

Now that Gaga has clearly shown that she does not know Nicki at all and that she thought she could just have her without caring about her and her work even the least, they will no longer even be  as much friends as they had been.

Gaga of course still wants to be ‘friends’, but Nicki yells at her and refuses, the next time she calls.

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Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwaJbRBdoTU

Link to lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/pink/lasttoknow.html

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