2018, chapter 26: ‘Work From Home’ by Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign (nr. 138)

A movement promoting detachment from society has become destructive. The beginning of the expansion was more humble; one of the two founders wanting to include her new “boyfriend” (which was actually against their ideals). That founder, who went by the nickname Chainsmoker, wasn’t too concerned with that, but since the other founder, Little Mix, was, she kept the relationship with the Ty (her lover) purely sexual.

So far she has kept her word. They are however clearly exclusive (she is his ‘bae’ and he is her ‘boo’). And moreover, Ty is still working as a bartender, which is firmly against the ideal Chainsmoker cares the most about. She tries to convince him to stop working there by jokingly using work as a metaphor for sex to remind how else he could spend his nights. She sends him pictures of her waiting for him naked at home and writes that they can work from home. She’s hoping that the pictures will get him fired, even if it doesn’t convince him. And he is certainly tempted and also uses the work metaphor when he does come home – but is neither convinced to stop working nor fired.


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22: ‘Worth It’ by Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink

Natasha’s friend, Harmony, had responded to their youth differently – by taking firm control of the situation. She didn’t just accept getting hit on, she openly sought it out. And she demanded that they were worthy of her time and attention.

So while Natasha was busy rejecting her admirer, Harmony was busy negotiating tonight’s terms with a guy named Ink elsewhere in the dark club. .He initially approached her and said: “Ooh I love your style”. She caught on and began encouraging him to convince her to consider him. So she acted shy, but still it was blatantly obvious that she wasn’t. Ink saw right trough it and called her out on. He talked big about his intentions of taking her home and she called him on them by telling him to meet her outside.

They do and find a bed to share. She was open to his suggestions, but if he didn’t have any ideas, she could talk him trough how rough she liked it.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBHQbu5rbdQ

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