82: ‘Remember Everything’ by Five Finger Death Punch

Sara is a grown-up now and tries not to think about her childhood anymore. That becomes difficult her brother and sister are suddenly standing in front of her door.

Their parents had big expectations to their children. Expectations that no one could live up to, as Sara realised one fateful day. So she stopped trying and became an outcast. It worked – for her.

Her siblings were less lucky. Now having an example of failure readily at hand, their parents pressed their other children even harder. Sara didn’t blame herself then. She did what she had to to survive. And it drove the siblings apart.

Now Sara regrets and tries to tell them. They’re not interested in hearing it. From what they’ve seen, she hasn’t changed one bit and likely won’t. But they need to speak to her and asks to be let in.

That activates Sara’s anger and she refuses. She closes the door in their faces For a moment the siblings stand there with a barrier between them, forever marked by their childhood, wondering how, if at all, anything could have gone differently.

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47: ‘Mean Girls’ by Rachel Crow

Natascha and Steven has another daughter, whose name is Rachel. She’s at a boarding school and she is being bullied by the girls there.

They avoid her to the point of leaving the table, when she arrives. They call her names.

This gets to Rachel. She runs home to her room and locks herself in, so she can cry. She hears everyone’s having fun outside, she tells herself, that this is it. She won’t let it get to her no more, she doesn’t want to feel this way.

Why did she let it go so far? She decides to comb them out of her curls and not let them run her world. She will ignore them instead.

She soon has to put this to the test, when everyone is wearing bubblegum-pink, whereas she is wearing blue. They all laugh at her – including a former friend, who’s now very popular. Instead of being devastated and beginning to cry, she gets angry and confront her former friend angrily, taunting her for doing the easy thing and bullying Rachel instead of standing by Rachel’s side. She reminds her, that it might one day be her, who everyone will avoid, because she is no longer cool. And she says, she hopes she will be forgiven on that day.

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20: ‘Not Ready To Make Nice’ by Dixie Chicks

Pink’s mother, Dixie, is a singer.

Distortion’s hopping in and out of prison took a toll on her. She chose to love a criminal and now she was paying and would be paying for it forever. They fought a lot over this via letter. He wanted her to get over her hang-ups about his imprisonment because it was never going to change. So she left.

Time was supposed to heal Dixie, but it failed. Pink grew up not actually knowing her father. But Pink loved him so much, that Dixie had to explain her, that she shouldn’t – in fact she ought to hate him. That didn’t exactly make the healing easier.

After Pink dies, Distortion reaches out to Dixie, asking her to forgive and forget.

Forgiveness sounds good. That she could do. Forgetting, however… That she can’t do. She’s still mad as hell and not ready to make it right between them.

And she’ll keep fighting Them and she won’t shut up about what she knows. She has already paid for her silence with her daughter. That too is a price, she’ll keep paying, but now she won’t back down – even at the threat of her own life and even if he thinks, she should.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pojL_35QlSI

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8: ‘Formation’ by Beyonce

Pink is a famous, black dancer. This gets a lot of attention, from the paparazzi too. The paparazzi say, she’s Illuminati, but she doesn’t care.

She likes everything about her appearance.

Hitting Steven was just what she needed. She feels strong and confident. She leaves Grey Eyes and gets back with The Old Flame. They live on her money.

Her father is from Alabama. Her mother is from Louisiana.

She leads a dance crew and she believes her fame could lead to other black people getting further in the world.

Link to video with lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=padaX_NT43o

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