2018, chapter 27: ‘Better Man’ by Little Big Town (nr. 139)

Will and Taylor have had different problems throughout their relationship. In the beginning, cursed magic that made her have to sabotage all of her relationships, including the one with Will. But they managed through that, and there were good times. And Taylor wants those good times back. She still loves him. And he loves her.

He wants to give her a gift. He has worked on a way to control time. And he has now reached a level at which he could erase things from history. In this case, the event that made a young innocent girl into a woman magically controlling men. He changes time so that she never gets her magical abilities, hoping that it’ll clear up their relationship.

Fortunately for him, the relationship still happens. And in the beginning, it is a lot more stable. They are themselves from the start and don’t break up over and over again

Unfortunately, he forgot that he himself was part of the problem. His dislike of change and how he would respond to it, hand in hand with the very focus that led him through med school and later to learn how to control time (eventually leading to his neglecting Taylor). His strong jealousy didn’t make things better either.

So when the changes are made, he finds himself in a timeline in which she has left him. Without her powers, his desire to be in control got out of hand and he damaged her permanently, before finally driving her away. He took for granted that she would never leave and thus talked down to her and pushed away any loving concerns she tried to bring his attention to. But after a while, she had enough. If he didn’t know what he had, he could be without. She gave him her best, and he couldn’t say the same.

What he doesn’t know is that she still misses him, even though she knows leaving was the best thing to do and that she is better off on her own.

She still wishes he could have been a better man. They might still have been in love. He could have been the one.

Failing that, she wishes she could forget the magic, so she wouldn’t still feel his arms around her in the middle of the night.


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