2018, chapter 44: ‘So What’ by P!nk (nr. 156)

A marriage has ended. And the wife is ecstatic, even though he was the one to leave. She feels free from him. She’s a rock star. She doesn’t need him. She’ll have more fun without him. She’s gonna go out, get in trouble and start a fight.  She’s alright, just fine, and he’s just a tool anyway…

She goes out. She’s supposed to have a table, but they gave it away to Jessica Simps. No matter. She’ll sit with her long-time friend, Eminem, whom she lovingly calls Drum Boy.

She wonders if her ex will hear her sing about him on the radio and react violently. He might even kill someone. She’d certainly be in trouble. They’re all gonna get in a fight!

She’s not worried though. She can handle him.

She sinks into sadness, thinking about how he was never there. How did she not notice that earlier? She gave him life, her all… He wanted everything for nothing.

But so what? She’s just fine and neither wants nor needs him tonight.


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