87: ‘Sucker for Pain’ by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons w/ Logic & Ty Dolla $ign ft X Ambassadors

Our three main characters are all working towards something at the moment.

Sara teaches young girls to dance. More than that She teaches young girls to be confident. She takes the pain from her own life and uses it to help them. She makes this so much part of her identity she has tattoos dedicated to it. She has a bit of an attitude. This resonates with young girls who also have the world against them and they gravitate towards her classes, even if they aren’t dedicated to dancing. But she won’t allow them to put in less effort in it because of that. But it does make her very aware of her responsibility, and she continually pressures herself to live up to it.

Will loves partying, but he is also a pre-med. And at the moment he is dedicating more time to that responsibility. He’s going to be a doctor with people’s lives in his hands and he wants to be ready for it. It’s hard and brings a lot of sleepless nights much less enjoyable than the ones he spends partying or with his on-off girlfriend, but it’s worth it.

Fergie is focused too, but her goal is not as noble. She is trying to get to get a woman to leave her husband for her.It is not going well and that hurts. But no way she’s letting the husband (or anyone else for that matter) know that. She keeps up the act that she’s going to steal her from him, even if it is nowhere near true. and unfortunately, she can’t party her way out of this one.


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50: ‘Believe Again’ by Brinck

The doctor refuses to father Pink’s children. Heartbroken, she goes back on medication. They make her melancholic and thinks back to all her previous relationships.

They made it so easy for her to fall in love. She saw a future with them, but they never saw one with her.

She lost herself in every relationship. And when it fell apart, she picked up her broken heart and taped it together, each time a little weaker.

And now she finds herself just wanting to believe in love. Just believe that it could be possible, after failure after failure. She wants to breathe again, to go back to the days, where she innocently believed in love, because she hadn’t actually had any experience with it.

She wonders if it just her, or if everyone eventually loses their hope for love.

She wants to trust and hope again. For without love, what do we become?

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6: ‘Feeling Ok’ by Best Coast

Pink’s attempt to heal her heart isn’t going well. As time passes not just her heart, but she herself breaks. She goes to a doctor and gets something for it. This isn’t the solution either, but she takes them anyway. She feels okay, but not healed.

She meets someone new with beautiful grey eyes, whom she call Grey Eyes. She falls in love. She stops taking the doctor’s medicine and stays okay with the help of her love for Grey Eyes. She hasn’t quite healed but hopes she one day will.  She takes it one day at the time, with occasional downs.

Link to video with lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA58iRUreUI

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