2018, chapter 20: ‘Delicate’ by Taylor Swift (nr. 132)

This happens while Little Mix is fighting of a pushy guy and is the reason they went to that bar in the first place.

See, Chainsmoker is dating one of the bartenders. It’s very new and delicate, but Chainsmoker is smitten. She thinks about the bartender sometimes when she should be sleeping. When she looks into the bartender’s eyes, she sometimes pretends they could be a couple all the time.

And it really isn’t for the best. Her reputation has never been worse. But that just means that the bartender must like her for her.

This particular night, the bartender has invited her to this dive bar on the east side. And so she and Little Mix go there.

It’s an informal place, so the bartender is dressed in dark jeans and blue Nikes – a very attractive look. The bartender makes her a drink at the bar at the very back of the room.

The couple goes across town to the west side.

Here they talk about their relationship. Chainsmoker lets her lover know, how much she likes and wants them. They’re is in her head. She knows the couple can’t make any promises yet. She asks if it’s okay, that she admits all of that this early (the couple isn’t even monogamous yet).

It is.

They spend the evening entangled. She asks her lover to stay here. The couple stays for the night. Chainsmoker watches her lover sleep and wonders if they’re dreaming of her.


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