2018, chapter 22: ‘Told You So’ by Paramore (nr. 134)

Two girls have gone to a bar. One of them, who calls herself Chainsmoker, is meeting one of the bartenders. She is completely smitten with the bartender. She tells to the other girl, who calls herself Little Mix, that this might become an actual relationship.

Little Mix is not impressed. This is exactly what they decided to leave behind some years ago, and now Chainsmoker has given up, and just like everyone in this world is following the norms.

Chainsmoker argues that one relationship doesn’t make for a betrayal of all of their ideals. She reminds Little Mix that she has slipped up many times before, and Chainsmoker helped her out of it.

Little Mix reminds her that she at least took the criticism into consideration and tried to be cool about it, even when Chainsmoker seemed to enjoy being right when Little Mix was wrong. Even now, when the roles have been reversed, she is trying to be calm and Chainsmoker is too passionate to listen to reason.


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