2018, chapter 17: ‘Stressed Out’ by Twenty One Pilots (nr. 129)

Two girls have left society behind. Little Mix misses her childhood innocence.

Little Mix is a singer. She wishes she could do something more creative with her music. She wishes she was a better singer in general. Sing better with better words and new chord orders and sounds. Not rhyme every time. She was told that her fears would shrink when she got older, but they just turned into insecurities and caring what people think…

Sometimes a smell will take her back to her childhood with her brother at their home a stone’s throw from a creek. She can never identify where it’s coming from. If she could, she would make a candle out of it, not that it would sell. But it would remind both her and her brother of a time when nothing really mattered. She wishes she could hide in a tree house and not worry about her student loans. A lot of people probably feel that way.

Both she and her brother both wished they could turn back time to the good old days when their mother sang them to sleep. When they played pretend, built rocket ships and gave each other different names. Now the world was telling them that they needed to make money. It stressed them out. Her brother even started copying their words and repeating them to Little Mix. She doesn’t want that to happen to her too…

Rain falls on the windows as they drive on. Her face is reflected back at her in a blur. Little Mix, real name bunny, looks at herself and thinks: “I’m free now. I only have to care about what I think”.


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