97: ‘Hurt’ by Christina Aguilera

Will lost his mother to suicide. This is not a recent thing. What is recent, is him learning what made her commit suicide. He learns that his grandmother had mental problems. Apparently, his mother inherited them.

This makes Will see his mother in a different light.

She was not easy to be around as a child. She was demanding and they would often have conflicts and hurt each other. Now that memory hurts.

He now misses her voice. He wonders if she is looking down upon him. Would she be proud of him? He wishes he could go back in time and spend just one more day with her, hold her in his arms, take the pain away, thank her for everything and forgive all of her mistakes. But it’s dangerous to think like that…


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25: ‘You Lost Me’ by Christina Aguilera

Dixie’s and Distortion’s relationship wasn’t always strained. At first, Distortion kept his involvement with Them hidden. She called him Babe. Their love magical.

But then Dixie witnessed him at one of his jobs: killing a witness. He was supposed to take the fall and keep attention away from Them. This new knowledge infected and changed their relationship.

Distortion tried to fix it by introducing her to more of the operation, amongst which the female leader.

It didn’t work. His neglect of her, that she could previous look past due to him being unable to keep his hands to himself around her, was now horrible because she knew what he was doing. But she still loved him and stayed with him, hoping she might be able to get him away from it. It was painful and involved a lot of tears from both and their love suffered. And eventually, it became clear to her, that Distortion was driven by a lust for violence, a lust she couldn’t get out of him.

She was done. All was lost. Recalling the smoking gun, she could no longer look forgive him for his crimes, no longer hope, he would change. He chose lust for violence over his love for Dixie. The love was gone and he lost her. The Leader won, as tragical as it was.

And Dixie’s life lost all fun. She began fighting against Them – and lost.

In their last letter exchange as a couple, Distortion apologised to Dixie and reminded her of how sweet their relationship had been. She knew, he would regret it all. But what good was that now, when they were both shells of their former selves? It was too late. How could Dixie ever trust him again?

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