92: ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind’ by blink 182

Will and Taylor have always had an on again/off again relationship. After they skip their latest breakup, they just stop breaking up.  And being together for a longer stretch of time means that surfaces start falling away.

Taylor stops being Will’s perfect dream girl and starts being genuine: An antisocial girl, who likes Bauhaus and is a little crazy sometimes. Not the batshit-crazy jealous woman, she turns into just before their breakups, she just loses her head sometimes. And she’s self-aware enough to apologise for it. And Will finds that he actually really likes the real Taylor.

Taylor sees a deeper layer of Will too. Perhaps a bit deeper than Will himself sees. She sees him working hard on his studies, but he doesn’t seem passionate about it. And she’s worried about him. So one night she tries to tell him that, but it turns into a fight, during which she calls him a know-it-all and he argues that by being a doctor he would help people, so so what if he doesn’t love every moment of his studies? In the end, she admits to having lost her head a bit and apologises.


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