2018, chapter 30: ‘Good Times’ by All Time Low (nr. 142)

Little Mix is trying to talk some sense into Chainsmoker. From her perspective anyway. Chainsmoker sees her concerns but doesn’t agree with them. She tries to tell her that it’s alright. She gets it. She remembers how their friendship and movement started; driving together, singing under the stars. And she’ll never forget.

And while the “punks” in their movement have started picking fights with skater kids in the city, she still remembers when it was just the two of them laughing ’til they cried. how they, with a “Devil may care”-attitude and middle fingers up, angrily challenged society. She’ll never forget, how they first started recruiting people, seeking out boys in black smoking cigarets and girls, who didn’t know love yet and saving them from it.

And she knows that one day, she’ll probably have to leave her lover. She doesn’t want to and will absolutely hate it, but she’ll probably do it. Just not yet.

So really, Little Mix has nothing to worry about. Chainsmoker will never forget what they set out to do and she will always be her friend.


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