Links to key events (spoilers up till nr. 140)

This is a list of key moments for the reader, who doesn’t want to read all of the posts in order to get what is happening. And I completely understand that. This story has gotten complicated very quickly.

This is in no way a comprehensive list, but for an overview, it should do. If a certain character or storyline intrigues you, I recommend clicking the tag describing it.

2018 story: Control

Taylor is stalking her ex

Taylor gets a new friend and lover

Perry leaves Taylor

Taylor controls Will with magic

Taylor takes Will back

Two girls (Chainsmoker and Little Mix) detach from society

Will and Taylor’s son tries everything to keep them together despite their fights

Chainsmoker starts a relationship

Little Mix disapproves of Chainsmoker’s relationship

Chainsmoker suggests getting more people to detach from society

Chainsmoker and Little Mix’ movement gets out of hand

Will removes Taylor’s magic

2017-story 2: Growing Pains

Fergie and Will meet

Sara kicks out her married lover

Sara teaches girls to dance

Sara and her siblings have been pulled apart by their childhood

Fergie intends to steal Evanescence from her husband

Will starts dating Taylor

Fergie became a pretty pop star at the cost of her identity

Evanescence rejects Fergie’s attempts

Will and Taylor stop breaking up all the time

Fergie tries to talk to Evanescence again

Will didn’t get along with his mother

Fergie gets rejected again

Sara forgives her siblings

Fergie becomes more famous than before

2017-story 1: Mother Mary

Abraham prays for Mother Mary to fix the world

Who is Mother Mary?

Mother Mary tries to fix the world

2016-story: Steven and Pink break up

Steven and Pink break up

Steven becomes religious

Distortion, Pink’s father, goes back to prison

Pink and Brad gets married

Pink is killed

Steven meets Natasha

The Leader of Them is introduced (in a flashback)

Pink didn’t die. She just made it look like she did.

The organisation They cease to exist

Pink starts a new life

Brad decides to declare Pink dead

Jump ahead 20 or so years

Gaga, the oldest daughter of Steven and Natasha, is introduced

Natasha isolates herself in her mind

Natasha starts cheating on Steven

Steven does not take Natasha’s cheating well

A dying Pink gets help from two strangers

The help Pink gets, does not work