Many, Many Updates

Exciting news!

I now have a public Youtube playlist found at this link at my new Youtube channel Song by Song

You can still add to it, but now it comes in rotation with the rest instead of being bumped to the top. This makes it more random. I’ve actually used a playlist like that for a while now, and now you can see it.

Here you can read, how I use the playlist and how you can add to it:

I’ve updated the Concept page accordingly

Along with my brand new Youtube channel, I got a brand new email ( where you can now contact me too. I have also written it in my brand new Contact Me page (

Also in an attempt to make it easier for new readers to catch up, I have created a brand new list of key events. I will update this for every tenth chapter (part of the story) and it will always be at least 10 chapters behind. These are found here:

All pages can be found to the right of the computer screen. I’m working on making it visible on iPads and smartphones. I’m not particularly website-savvy if my way of posting links doesn’t tell you that already, but I’ll do my best.

No new post… Again

I had a sudden job interview quite far away, so the day I was supposed to write the posts, I was stuck in internetless transportation. And now I’m both computerless and wouldn’t have internet even if I had the computer, so I can’t write this week’s post. They are written, just not on the computer, so within two weeks you should have three posts up. I’m very sorry.

No post this week

I do not have my computer this week and the computer, I am currently sitting at has decided that apostrophes are \ and question marks are -. I could work around apostrophes, but not question marks, so rather than tormenting myself and creating a jarring, annoying, difficult-to-read text, I will post two chapters next week. I am dedicated, but this is the limit.