Time Of Death: January 16, 0:14

I’ve enjoyed writing this blog. It was fun and challenging.

For a time, writing it was the only time I got any writing done. And I was grateful for that too because it kept me from falling too deeply into a non-writing black hole. But now I have very little time on my hands, and more often find myself wanting to write other stuff, but having to write a chapter for the blog, and sometimes not even getting that done.

So I’ve decided to end this blog… Rather suddenly, I know. I might come back to it when I can manage it. Go like my Facebook page, if you want to be told in that case.

Bye (for now?).

Small break

My activity schedule this past week, and the next three weeks, has been/is packed. In a desperate attempt to survive that with my sanity intact, some activities have to go and unfortunately posting on the blog will have to be one of them.

So the next time I will post a chapter will be on Tuesday, 10th of Juli. Normally, when I have to skip a week, I would now promise to play catch-up and post extra chapters so that the chapters are merely delayed, not skipped outright, but I cannot promise that this time since I don’t yet know how my schedule will look once those three weeks are over. I will try my best though.

112: ‘Me Too’ by Meghan Trainor

Fergie has led a double-life, but now the secret is out.

Luckily, it only elevates her fame. From being a bit of an outlier, she becomes a celebrity. Everyone wants to be her. And finally, she is happy with herself. She thanks God every day that she can wake up loving herself.

Fame brings admiration, VIP rooms with her friends and free drinks.

She is accepted and happy. She longer needs Will‘s friendship or Evanescence‘s love.



Another year has gone by, Another story over, a new one can begin.

To newcomers: I start out every year with a fresh start. A new story with a new focus. It’s in the same universe and has connections to the previous ones, but it’s easier to understand because the backstory is limited to the bare necessities. Will I reuse the same characters? Will it be completely new? We’ll see.

Merry Christmas, happy new year and any other holiday taking place in the immediate future or recent past.

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So terribly sorry

You might have noticed the lack of posts of late. This is partly because I have been busy with other writing projects and partly because I have had more trouble dealing with the religion theme than anticipated. I find myself considering which interpretation of a song will make people hate me less, and that is not a position I enjoy being in.

I love writing this blog, and this story is making me not love it.

So starting April I will begin a new story. This story will be part of the history (think of it as that weird sequel that everyone ignores), but the focus will change once again. I will attempt to make up for lost posts, so that’s three posts coming soon. And then I’m back on regular schedule.

I’m truly sorry.

63:What Have We Done? (Beginning of the 2017-story)

‘Earth Song’ by Michael Jackson

This story happens to everyone. It happens everywhere. But it does have a main character more all-knowing than I, the (supposedly) all-knowing narrator. I’ll call this character Abraham.


Abraham is the only son of The Creator Of It All. He sees everything. Hears everything. Feels everything. And he cries. He prays on behalf of all people to The Creator Of It All. He speaks of promises of light, happiness and peace, The Creator Of It All gave based on dreams, the creator shared with Abraham. Dreams they drifted far away from.

He speaks of an earth destroyed. Of bloodshed brought on by his and The Creator Of It All’s hands. Children dead from war. Kingdoms turned to dust. Dying animals. The common man imprisoned. Death.

He asks, where they went wrong, hoping The Creator Of It All will change it and make it better.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAi3VTSdTxU

Link to lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/michaeljackson/earthsong.html


This is the new-ish beginning, I mentioned in my last post. It’s a new story with a new focus, but it takes place in the same universe and It’ll be connected somehow. I will as always explain the important aspects of the previous story when that happens, as well as what lead to the events of the current chapter.

I’ll also empathise that, for the purposes of this blog, I don’t care what the song is actually about. I will of course respect it and use both the words and tone, but I will divorce it from its original context and twist the meaning until it fits my context. Hence this is not how I actually interpret this song. But it is what I get out of it, when I strip it of real-world-context.

I mention it here, because this is second time I deal with a song most people would respect so much they might find offence in me taking it apart and putting it back together like some sort of Frankenstein-monster, and I wanted to make it clear that it is not done out of disrespect.

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