I find a random song from the playlist found on my Youtube channel. Then I build a story (or more specifically different, connected stories in the same universe. Think sequels.) based on the songs, each song building on the previous, creating a long, probably complicated story (don’t worry, I do my best to not confuse you completely).

It is important to note that I use the story’s narrative potential and care very little if this potential is not in line with the song’s actual subject or message.

This blog is basically a writing exercise and very much an experiment. I’m always working on how to best convey the concept, so if you have an opinion on what works and what doesn’t work, please let me know.

You can suggest songs. Read at The list (and how to add to it) to see how.

I post every Monday.

Also, I obviously don’t own any of the songs, I take inspiration in.


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