I like to play this game in my mind where I create stories based on songs. I start with one song and invent a story for that. Then with the next song, I keep building on the same story. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult to keep track of very quickly and I lose the thread. This blog is a way for me to play this game, only written down, so I don’t have to rely on my memory too much.

The fun part is that the song selection is completely randomised so I cannot choose a song that fits with my story, I have to make my story fit with the song. I find these songs on a playlist I’ve created on my Youtube channel. You can have your favourite songs added to that list.

It is important to note that I use the song’s narrative potential and care very little if this potential is not in line with the song’s actual subject or message. I want the story to make sense.

This blog is very much an experiment. I’m always working on how to best convey the concept, so if you have an opinion on what works and what doesn’t, please let me know.

I post a new chapter every Tuesday morning. Every year I start a new story (think sequel) that is connected to the previous story, even if I don’t yet know how.

Also, I obviously don’t own any of the songs, I take inspiration in.

So if you’re in for an adventure where not even the author knows where the story is going, hop aboard.

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