2018, Chapter 41: ‘Human’ by Christina Perri (nr.153)

Chainsmoker is the leader of an army. She controls her troops with magic, and it’s weighing on her.

But she believes in her cause and gladly carries this burden. She can fake a smile, force a laugh and generally pretend she is okay and be the strong leader if it frees her people.

But she is only human. And one day she’s had enough. One day she is listening to her demons and suddenly it feels like she has knives in her heart. She falls apart…


Confused? Read about what this blog is about in the sidebar. Follow the tags around to figure out what happened before. Read the key events for a more spoilery and quicker version or read the whole blog from the beginning. If you just want to start with the 2018-story click here (chapter 1).

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