2018, chapter 34: ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ by P!nk (nr. 146)

A man is trying to convince his lover to commit to a serious relationship. They have disagreed on this for years, and now he sees that it’ll never get better. He tells her, that she either agrees to them to officially becoming a proper couple, or it’s over between them.

He sees this as a personal conflict between the two of them. She, who goes by the name Chainsmoker,  instead hears critique of the movement she started, her ideals and beliefs. And she understands that she can’t get him or anyone to listen to them unless she uses force. She will have to fight, and maybe die, for this. And luckily she has an army.

And so she goes to rally the troops, with Little Mix’ support. She speaks to the hurt they feel, after society has beat and betrayed them, and promises them their share of this new world, she will create.  She and her army cannot be tied down, not by him or anyone, and she cannot be shut up. This world is sick and broken and she will free it by showing it the truth. No matter how hard it is, they have to try, and they will win.

Because her and Little Mix’ hearts are the heart of their movement, and that heart is wild. And wild hearts can’t be broken.


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