2018, chapter 33: ‘Shut Up and Dance With Me’ by Walk The Moon (nr. 145)

A bartender is dating a woman, who has an antagonistic attitude towards commitment. Because of this, their relationship hasn’t progressed in years, even though he wants it to.  He has known from the first time she grabbed his arm and dragged him onto the dance floor, that she was his destiny and that they were bound to be together. He remembers the backless dress and beat up sneaks, she was wearing that night fondly. She looked like a discotheque Juliet teenage dream.

He tells her that she’s holding back. She should give herself to the relationship completely.

She disagrees. She urges him to not look back on his old life and expectations, quit his job and just live and dance with her without commitment.

He sees the future in her eyes. He realises that this is his last chance to change her mind.


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