2018, chapter 32: ‘America’s Sweetheart’ by Elle King (nr. 144)

Bruno is a Heathen. He bonds with his recruiter. Her hometown said she was too loud and she’d never be the poster type. But she wasn’t going to change for anyone. So she lit a match and burned it down.

She’s coarse and likes it. She drinks too much and wears old boots. She’s got bad tattoos and a chip in her front teeth. She is cold-hearted and breaks the hearts of every man she’s been with (causing them to say that she has no soul).

She’s still loud. She still likes blowing things up and getting her hands dirty – and now she can do it for a cause.

Bruno comments on her behaviour after he has won her respect.

She replies cheerily: “what do you want from me? I’m not America’s sweetheart. You love me anyway.”


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