2018, chapter 29: ‘Break Up Every Night’ by The Chainsmokers (nr. 141)

Taylor still misses her ex. But she is not single. She’s in a non-committed relationship. She’s very conflicted over this and breaks up with her boyfriend every night, saying that she needs space, time and reason. But then the very same night she changes her mind and says she needs him now.

It’s a little crazy – as is she. She has seven personalities, everyone one a tragedy. They change all the times, to the point where he is never sure which one he is currently with. One moment she can pretentious (for instance claiming a sense of belonging to Paris, despite having only been to France one time), the next more realistic, the next again jealous and concerned

Her boyfriend kinda loves it though and keeps building on the relationship, even if her personality changes make him run around in circles and have doubt. His nights with her makes him feel alive.


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