2018, chapter 28: ‘Cowboy Casanova’ by Carrie Underwood (nr. 140)

Two girls have decided to avoid attachment (financial as well as romantic). Little Mix lives up to it. Chainsmoker, on the other hand, has been less successful. She’s in a relationship with a bartender. She has kept the relationship loose and tries to get him to stop working, both with very little success.

Her friend knows this and tries to talk her out of dating him. She gets his appeal, she’s been there before, but Chainsmoker has to realise that he is a disease holding her down and keeping her from being free. She’s addicted. So much so that she clearly isn’t hearing a word Little Mix is saying. So Little Mix just has to try again.

She calls him a liar, a snake with blue eyes, who will tell Chainsmoker anything she wants to hear. She calls him a good-time cowboy Casanova and questions what he actually does when he’s a work behind the bar. He probably flirts with the girls there and Chainsmoker should run for her life to save herself from hurt.


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