2018, chapter 25: ‘True Love’ by P!nk (feat. Lily Allen) (nr. 137)

Taylor is trying to convince the man she loves and has been with for years to treat her better. She believes herself too good for his neglect of her.

What Will hears is that she believes herself too good for him, and what was an honest attempt at communication, he sees as the beginning of another fight. Taylor almost gets pulled in, and gets angry, but pulls herself back enough to continue her attempt for honest communication – just in an angry tone of voice. Through gritted teeth and insults, she tells him that despite how mean he can be, she truly loves him. She’s the only man she has ever truly loved. She hates him so much, it must be real love because no one else can break her heart like he can. She wants to hug him and wrap her hands around his neck at the same time.

All she’s asking is that he thinks about her feelings and is a bit more romantic.

Lyric video

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