2018, chapter 24: ‘Heathens’ by Twenty One Pilots (nr. 136)

It took a little convincing, but a movement began. A movement that wanted nothing to do with society and its priorities. No attachment, financial or romantic, allowed. That’s how you get swallowed and happily follow whatever rules society sets up.

That sort of movement attracts weird types. People who don’t just want to be left alone by society, but to hurt it like it abused them. And over time these people would gain enough foothold to change the movement to an actual destructive force. They call themselves heathens.

A new recruit has shown interest. The person introducing them to the movement isn’t convinced that they fit in. The recruit is too timid and has trouble trusting these strange types. So the introducer warns them to take it slow, don’t make any sudden moves and wait for people to ask them, who told them about this place.

And people here are scary. Murderers and psychopaths work side by side. And sometimes love happens, but it gets docked away in a room in the mind. Whatever needs you have, you have people around to take care of.

Newcomers are less welcome now. It’s said that they have a different smell. Some even claim that they can smell if their intentions are good or bad.

The introducer has some doubts that the new recruit can handle it. But when the new recruit joins on a mission, against their recommendation, and is able to stay calm even when it goes sideways, and the authorities are outside, ready to bust them, the introducer has to admit, that it looks like the recruit is one of them.


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