2018, chapter 23: ‘Wild Things’ by Alessia Cara (nr. 135)

Two girls have stopped following the rules of society They call themselves by the nicknames Chainsmoker and Little Mix.

Their ideals are these:

1: They don’t want to answer to anyone. Concretely, they will not work, because then their lives would revolve around promotions and making money. Making money should never be a goal in and of itself. They’re not opposed to having money, just obtaining it in any way that supports the system.

2: No romantic attachments. The whole system hinges on people becoming families, trapping them, so now they have to grow up, get a job and make money, so their children can also grow up and do the same thing, essentially making the point of existence to create more existence. And in service of this, people seek out attachment and get hurt when that attachment ends, lick their wounds and try again, simply because they’re supposed to. Loose sex, again, is fine, just don’t let them become important to you.

The two girls put varying importance on the different ideals. Thus Chainsmoker finds less issue with her budding relationship. Instead, she sees a possibility to spread their ideals. She has found that her lover listens with interest when Chainsmoker talks about how she lives. She and Little Mix has a potential movement here. They could convince more people and be pioneers.

But first, she has to sit down with Little Mix and convince her.

This turns out to be a tough sell. Little Mix is worried. This is risky. Chainsmoker tries to calm her down by saying that it’s not like they’ll attempt to convince everyone, just the ones that seem interested. They’ll be alright. They can be wild rather than walk on eggshells.


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