2018, chapter 19: ‘ U + Ur Hand’ by P!nk (nr. 131)

It has been a few years since Chainsmoker and Little Mix turned their backs on following society’s rules.

One late night, they’re dressed up and going to a bar. They know the barman, so he knows not to keep them waiting outside. They start the evening off with six shots.

That’s when a dickhead puts his hand on Little Mix and starts hitting on her. She tells him to go away because he doesn’t really want to mess with her tonight. She’s not here for his entertainment and was perfectly fine until he walked into her life. He can keep his drink, and just give her the money instead.  He does.

Later, around midnight, Little Mix is very drunk and dancing by herself. The guy comes back. She tells him that he’s out of luck and orders him to back off.

He tries to convince her by telling her, that his friends bet him five bucks to get her as soon as she entered. He’d like to win. She tells him that he can tell them whatever he wants, as long as he quits spilling his drink on her.

Judging by the way he’s high-fiving his friends, he let them think it was a success, even though he’s probably going home alone.


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